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Give and request feedback and share Shoutouts without ever leaving Slack.
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CareerLark offers a holistic solution to your employee performance management needs


Low-friction feedback

Share feedback and Shoutouts without leaving your workflow (i.e. Slack).


AI-powered nudging

Shape your culture by nudging team members (i.e. to request feedback).


Streamlined reviews

Have streamlined, productive performance conversations with feedback at your fingertips.

Feedback + Reviews = productive & engaged people

Enable low-friction feedback sharing

CareerLark makes it super-easy to regularly share feedback and Shoutouts, all within Slack. 

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Send AI-powered nudges

Send weekly nudges, automatically through CareerLark or set up on your own, to shape an intentional culture of feedback.

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Facilitate streamlined reviews

Run data-driven and high-impact reviews with feedback and Shoutouts info at everyone's fingertips.

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Increased productivity

Solve problems as they come up with real-time feedback.


Improved engagement

Increase employee retention with regular coaching and recognition.


Reinforced culture

Create a virtuous loop of high performance with a structure of feedback and reviews.

promise_onehand_iconOur pledge to you: free and delightful performance management software

People are most engaged and productive when they are recognized for a job well done, know where they stand, and get the guidance to grow. Yet, many companies don’t have robust systems for this because software is expensive, setting it up is cumbersome, and the user experience is lacking.

So here’s our pledge: our core Performance Management Software will always be free and as frictionless as possible.

So don't let this stand in the way of helping your team become their best professional selves!

Read more about our pricing strategy here, and about us here.

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