Improve Team Performance with Succinct Feedback

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Boost your team productivity and engagement 💪 with high-impact, low-friction feedback 

Empower people to ask for feedback

Make it super-easy for people to ask for and share feedback within Slack and build a culture of ongoing productive performance conversations.

Create a virtuous loop of feedback sharing

When people are prompted, they are more likely to give feedback. Build up a high-performance culture by making it easy to respond to questions and to give unprompted feedback.

Celebrate wins and thank each other

Bring your team together in a public Slack channel or CareerLark's Shoutouts page to celebrate accomplishments and positively affirm each other.

Help managers do their jobs

Give managers tools to help them succeed, including easy tracking of shared feedback and a central feedback repository that they can refer back to.

Have this feedback at your fingertips for reviews

All this feedback is easily surfaced during reviews!  Spend the time that reviews deserve, not more. Run fairer, data-driven performance reviews aided by continuous feedback.

Everyone wins


Easily write reviews

No more trying to remember what your team did 6 months ago!


People get real-time guidance

Your team gets real-time coaching, resulting in a more engaged team.


Improve productivity

Everyone now has the tools to improve continuously.

Implement Continuous Feedback and Increase Productivity 

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