Help your teams build stronger relationships with Icebreakers

Give your new employees a big welcome

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Build up your team camaraderie with Icebreakers 🎉

Answering icebreakers is like drinking lemonade (that is...super easy!)

New team members are automatically prompted to answer fun questions of your choosing.

Share answers in a channel where team members can engage and celebrate

Answers are posted in a channel of your choosing, where everyone can learn about their new team members.

Get your existing team members to join in the fun too

Icebreakers isn't just for new employees - existing employees can share their answers too! Afterwards, you can look up any team member and see their answers.
Note: this is a paid feature - check out our pricing page for more info.

Have full control over the UX with admin settings, all within Slack

Queue multiple questionnaires, edit questions, and update the publishing channel and questionnaire send out time...and more. 

Help your team build stronger relationships with Icebreakers

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