Help your teams build stronger relationships with Icebreakers

Give your new employees a big welcome with Icebreakers.

Help your teams get to know each other by sharing fun facts with each other.

Getting started is like drinking an ice-cold drink (that is, really easy)

New team members are automatically prompted to answer fun questions of your choosing.

Answers are posted in a channel where new members receive a group welcome!

Existing employees can also take turns answering questions. And afterwards, you can look up any team member and see their info!


Everyone is happy

Teams build
better relationships

By getting to know each other better through fun questions, you help your employees feel more like part of a team.

New team members feel welcome

This lightweight onboarding for new team members enable rest of the company to get to know them better and welcome them.

A friendly and collegial culture is encouraged

By nudging everyone to share fun answers, you encourage a friendly and collegial culture and build team relationships.

What are you waiting for?
Help your team build stronger relationships