Help your team thrive
with Micro-feedback

Increase your team's productivity and engagement

by facilitating lightweight feedback.

Introducing Micro-feedback

Frictionless feedback

Employees give and get feedback without ever leaving Slack. No more remembering yet another login or switching in and out of Slack. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Managers ❤️️ it

Managers can effortlessly collect lightweight 360 feedback on their direct reports, handy for getting ready for performance reviews or general check-ins.

Access feedback history

Employees and managers have easy access to their micro-feedback history with a simple command. Our timely feedback requests make it easy for employees to give their coworkers actionable and specific guidance. #everyonewins

Nudge automatically

Schedule lightweight prompts to help your organization build great performance conversation habits. #helpingyousucceed

Everyone is happy

Writing performance reviews is a snap

No more trying to remember what your team did 6 months ago, CareerLark generates custom reports for your team.

Your team gets
real-time guidance

Your team gets real-time coaching through constant feedback, resulting in a more engaged team.

Everyone is
more productive

Everyone now has the tools to improve continuously with frequent micro-feedback and guidance.

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Upward Micro-feedback

Empower every employee by prompting them to give micro-feedback on their managers to their managers' managers.

360 Micro-reviews

Launch a lightweight 360-review and help managers easily collect micro-feedback on their direct reports from their peers.

Micro Self-Assessments

Build an organizational habit of self-reflection by prompting everyone for regular and lightweight self-assessments.

New Employee Onboarding

Help your new employees succeed by giving them extra coaching and feedback in their first 3 months.

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