Increase Team Productivity with Micro-feedback

Kickstart a culture of continuous feedback

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Help people work more productively with Micro-feedback

Feedback is all within Slack

Employees can give and get feedback without ever leaving Slack. No more remembering yet another login or switching in and out of Slack. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Managers ♥️ it

Managers can effortlessly collect brief yet high-value 360 feedback on their direct reports, handy for getting ready for performance reviews or general check-ins.

Access feedback history

Employees and managers have easy access to their micro-feedback history with a simple command. Our timely feedback requests make it easy for employees to give their coworkers actionable and specific guidance. #everyonewins

Set up automatic nudges

People Ops - set up nudges for frictionless, upward, peer, and downward feedback.

See aggregated feedback in one place

All of the feedback given and received through Slack is available through our web platform, where you can easily access for performance reviews and check-ins.

Make your employees more successful now with Micro-feedback

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