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Crush all of your tasks and see your productivity soar

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Effortlessly be on top of everything with Slacktasking

Manage your tasks without ever interrupting your flow in Slack

Create and update tasks, add comments, get daily status summaries, and more...without leaving Slack.

Don't drop the ball, Slacktasking will keep nudging until a task is resolved

Slacktasking has built-in accountability into all of your tasks. Individuals can opt in for Distressed Bot or Drill Sergeant mode for nudges!

Celebrate task completions together

Celebrate each other's accomplishments with a celebratory GIF in a public channel of your choosing. 🙌

Have full control over the UX with admin settings

Turn on and off celebration GIFs and nudges, set times for daily briefings, and more.

Crush all of your tasks with Slacktasking

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